February 14, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What classes do you offer?

A: We offer classes for nogi jiujitsu, both for beginners and a regular class that will still cater to all levels. A beginner can still learn in our class that is not tagged as beginner.

StrikeForce is a class that offers cardio kickboxing styled workouts. These classes teach basic street defense while also incorporating a strength and conditioning component to it. This may be a circuit or some bag work that will get that calories burning!

We also offer traditional boxing classes. These classes focus on the technique of striking from the ground up. Get one on one work with the coach as well as jumping into a boxing related circuit to increase fitness levels.

Our Functional Strength and HIIT class is designed on creating the everyday athlete in you. Run, jump, push, pull your way to the best version of your self with these HIIT training workouts and functional strength training.

Q: How big are your classes? Will the instructor see me?

A: Our classes are kept small on purpose! Currently we have a cap at 10 students per class for martial arts and 15 students for our HIIT classes. This ensures that you will get the necessary attention from the instructor.

Q: Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, we do! Personal training and private training can be arranged with our coaches to address your needs. This can be for boxing, MMA, kickboxing, or even strength & conditioning. Semi private sessions can also be held.

Q: I don’t like getting hit, are there non contact classes?

Yes, most classes non-contact classes. None of our classes do live sparring. Sparring is reserved for those who ask for it. Jiujitsu is the only class that will sometimes include contact to practice new moves.